Hamlet in Wittenberg: Civic and Princely Education in Early Modern Europe

September 28.

Keynote Lecture

9.30-10.45 James Hankins (Harvard University)

Session I.

10.45-11.25 Ferenc Hörcher (Institute of Philosophy, HAS) Can We Learn to be Prudent? On Conservative Political Education in Civic Humanism

11.25-12.05 Michelle Clarke (Dartmouth College): "Machiavelli: Menace to Societas" 

Lunch break

Session II.

13.15-13.55 Oana-Corina Filip (Babes-Bolyai University): John of Salisbury's Policraticus - Anticipating the Age of Rationality.

13.55-14.35 Hanna Szabelska (Jagellonian University): Reges bene morati: The Political Equilibrium of res and verba in Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski.

14.35-15.15 Stefan Leicht (Universität Tübingen): Hugo Grotius Observata in aphorismos Campanellae politicos and the regime of wisdom

Session III.

15.30-16.10 Sándor Bene (Institute for Litterary Studies, HAS)

16.10-16.50 Márton Zászkaliczky (Institute for Litterary Studies, HAS)

16.50-17.30 Gábor Petneházi (Institute for Litterary Studies, HAS): "Large theatre for the virtues" Farkas Kovacsóczy's panegyricus to Stephen Báthory (1571) and the political idea of the national ruler in early modern Hungary

September 29.

Keynote Lecture

9.30-10.45 Jan Waszink (Leiden University): The Political and Religious Crises of the 16th Century

Session IV.

10.45-11.25 Adam Smrcz (Institute of Philosophy, HAS): The Consolations of (Political) Philosophy

11.25-11.55 Katharina Rilling (Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien): Narrating Princely Virtues: Adam Contzen's Novel Methodus Doctrinae Civilis (1628)

Lunch break

Session V.

13.15-13.55 Gábor Almási (HECE Research Group, ELTE-HAS): Humanist learning, ethics and
discipline - the case of the Habsburgs

13.55-14.35 Barnabás Guitman (Pázmány University): Die Lateinschule in Bartfeld und ihre humanistischen Rektoren

Keynote Lecture

14.45-16.00 Tibor Fabiny (Károli Gáspár University): Place, Prince, Paradox - Paradoxical Theology of Wittenberg and the Paradoxes of/in Hamlet the Prince and Hamlet the Play

Session VI.

16.00-16.40 Malte Bischof (University of Notre Dame): Shakespeare´s Transformation of Aristotle's Concept of Tragedy

16.40-17.20 Eszter Kovács (Enlightenment Research Team, University of Szeged): An appropriate reading of The Spirit of the Laws: Diderot "educating" Catherine the Great via Montesquieu